Shaolin Vocals Vol 1 - Kung Fu Movie Vocals Sample Pack

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Shaolin Vocals Vol 1 - Kung Fu Movie Vocals Sample Pack

Mavrik Sounds
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About Shaolin Vocals Vol 1

Shaolin Vocals Vol 1 is the follow up to our first vocal sample pack, Vintage Movie Cuts Vol 1 and is a collection of up to 800 hand-picked royalty-free english-translated voice-over samples, taken from 12 authentic martial arts/kung-fu films from the 1960s to 1980s that producers and DJs can use for their beat making, music productions and live performances. Inspired by the sounds of old school 90s Hip-Hop, these vocals were very meticulously curated, edited and cleaned up to meet modern music production, mixing and beat-making standards. The sound is rich, lush and makes for a great addition to the musical toolkit of any producer or DJ!

In this sample pack, you will have the vintage overdub vocals from many fan-favourite martial arts films including Heroes of Shaolin, Ninja Death trilogy and Shaw Brothers directed films, among many others. The vocals present a variety of moods at your fingertips and the nostalgic aesthetic that comes with the sound of classic films.

Be sure to check out our other vocals sample packs like Vintage Movie Cuts Vol 1 and also spread the word and let other producers know about the largest and best sounding lofi kung-fu vocals sample pack you can find on the internet.

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Are these samples royalty and copyright free?

Yes! The dialogue samples were all taken from vintage kung-fu movies such as Ninja Death, Heroes of Shaolin, Four Robbers and many others that are now in the public domain. Learn more about the Creative Commons Public Domain license here.

Are these samples mix-ready?

Yes! All of the vocal samples have been cleaned up, edited and mixed to immediately sound good in your DAW.

What genres can I use these samples for? 

These lofi vocals can be used by music producers and beat makers for Lofi, Chillhop, Boom-Bap, House, Dubstep or any other genre you like. They work particularly well with 90s Hip-Hop / Boom-Bap music. Great for producers and DJs!

The Package Includes

Package Title: Shaolin Vocals Vol 1

Producer: Mavrik Sounds

Contents: 800 .wav audio files

File Tempo: 80 BPM

Duration: 58 minutes, 29 seconds

Package Size: 855MB

Numbers of movies sampled: 12

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